There are two primary objectives for this group therapy: The first objective is to promote relaxation as an alternative method to finding one’s physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health. Through the learning and practice of relaxation techniques, such as meditation, mindfulness and visualization, participants can reduce anxiety, quiet emotions, and gain insight into what triggers them. This therapy group helps participants to experience the following health benefits: Develop a sense of belonging and break social isolation; Promote the regular practice of meditation as a means to strengthen the circulatory and immune system, as well as to increase a person’s vital energy; Diminish and better manage symptoms related to chronic stress and physical illnesses in order to enhance an overall sense of well-being

The second objective of the group is to provide participants with a privileged and confidential space to discuss thoughts, insights and themes that emerged during meditation practice and to share coping strategies (tools) to both prevent and manage stress. Each sharing period also offers participants an opportunity to express how they feel and to share their life experiences.

Application:  The weekly meetings are two (2) hours in length. The relaxation groups are offered by a mental health professional or a student who is in training in one of the following fields: social work, psycho-education, counselling psychology or the creative arts therapies. During each group, the clinical worker leads participants in a variety of relaxation techniques (such as deep breathing, light stretches, meditation, visualization, etc.), which is followed by a discussion period.

Comfortable clothing is suggested.