Drama Therapy offers participants the possibility to explore a variety of dramatic processes to gain new insights and express their individuality.  Role play, story-making, dramatic enactment, character work, theatre games, the use of masks, puppetry, art and movement, can assist a person to express his or her feelings, difficulties and experiences. It can also help participants embark upon a voyage of self-discovery from which new perspectives into old patterns, current challenges and solutions can emerge.  Drama Therapy encourages exploration of new roles that are available, and fosters a spontaneous, authentic and confident attitude.

Application: At Expression LaSalle, drama therapy can be used in group and individual contexts.  Participants are not required to have any previous drama experience, however, a good capacity for movement is recommended.

Group Format: Drama therapy groups are weekly meetings that are two hours in length.  They provide a safe therapeutic environment in which group members have the opportunity to witness and be witnessed, as they strive to find, acknowledge and strengthen their potential for evoking positive change.

Individual Format: Individual drama therapy is a weekly meeting that is one hour in length and where a member determines the subject and goals of the therapeutic work to be done according to his or her needs. The maximum length of a rotation of individual therapy is twenty (20) sessions. A member may participate in a maximum of three (3) non-consecutive rotations of individual therapy.