Social work practice is based on theoretical principles drawn from a diversity of fields including: anthropology, ecology, psychology, and sociology. Social work practice operates on a continuum and may address needs that range from an individual sphere, to an interpersonal level, or to a larger social context. In this way, the social worker may perform different roles according to the psychosocial needs of the participant(s). These roles can include advocate, counselor, mediator, and therapist.

Application: At Expression LaSalle, social work counseling is offered by a social work student or a professional social worker in an individual or group context for short term duration.

Group Format: Discussion groups or workshops are weekly meetings that are typically two (2) hours in length. Participants are encouraged to explore their emotions, ideas and experiences through open sharing, in a safe and non-judgemental space. In a group context, participants benefit from the exchanges and insights offered by other members of the group, as well as by the social work facilitator(s).

The focus of discussion groups may vary from year to year, depending on the facilitator(s) area(s) of specialisation. In recent years, creative mediums such as art, movement, yoga, writing, and relaxation are a few modalities that have been integrated into discussion groups at the Centre.

Individual Format:
Individual counseling sessions are weekly meetings, one (1) hour in length, where a participant determines the subject(s) and focus of therapeutic work according to his or her needs. The maximum length of a rotation is twenty (20) sessions. A member may participate in a maximum of three (3) non-consecutive rotations of counseling.