The aftermath of sexual abuse can lead a person to experience difficulty in trusting others, in finding words adequate enough to express emotions, as well as a general feeling of being caught in a vicious cycle... Artistic expression is a means to connect with oneself and others, to express things that are difficult to verbalize and to explore other ways of thinking about one’s experiences and seeing one’s life. Moreover, to experience one's creativity can facilitate the process of personal transformation, empowerment and the discovery of new solutions in the journey towards healing and personal well being.

Application: The weekly meetings are two (2) hours and fifteen (15) minutes in length. In the course of this art therapy group, participants are invited to first express their thoughts and feelings through various mediums such as drawing, painting, modeling, collage, poetry or stories. This will be done with full respect of participant’s rhythm and in a safe, non-judgmental and respectful atmosphere. Secondly, the therapist invites participants to share openly and talk “around” the artwork, in order to help better understand group members' experience and feelings. The group experience is an opportunity for everyone to realize that they are not alone in their suffering. It is also a way to learn about patterns of behavior which cause distress and cultivate a constructive way of relating to one’s own needs and limitations and to those of others

Participants: This group is offered in English and is open to men and women. Previous experience in art is not necessary. The only prerequisite is a readiness to be open to yourself and to others. This workshop is specifically recommended for individuals who have already done some therapeutic work (in group or individual).